Industrial and Commercial Services

Below is a sampling of what we do.....don't see what you need listed give us a call.

  • AC Evaporators - We sell new, also clean and repair
  • AC Condensers - We sell new, also clean and repair
  • AC Service, compressor replacement, evaporator, condenser, dryer and expansion valve replacement, climat control repair, ac system flush, diagnostics, and repairs.
  • Heat exchangers, all type of heat exchanger repairs inclding air to air, liquid to air, and liquid to liquid types serviced, cleaned, tested and repaired.
  • Diesel EGR coolers cleaned
  • Diesel after coolers, engine oil coolers, transmission oil coolers cleaned, teted and repaired.
  • Turbo Intercoolers and after coolers cleaned tested and repaired
  • Fuel tank Gas and Diesel tank cleaning, relining and repair
  • Heater core repair, replacement, cleaning, recoring, flushing
  • Radiator repair, rodding, recore, flushing, flow testing, pressure testing, boilout, repairing
  • HD radiator repair, we service, repair, recore all radiators from the largest industrail units to the smallest ATV or garden tractor radiator
  • Diesel & Gas Engine surge tank repair and replacement
  • Plastic Tank Radiator (PTR) repair, tank replacement, or complete replacement avalaible.


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